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Pump Technology

home and garden industry, water supply, housing and public, agriculture, water and sewage, heating and DHW, integrated metering and disinfection, pressure tank and more...

Irrigation Systems

static and rotary sprinklers, controllers, solenoid valves, drip lines and hoses, pipes, valve boxes, emitters, drippers, micro sprinklers, field sprinklers, land water, tripods.

Heating Technology

gas boilers and solid fuel heaters, radiators, heat exchangers, heating pumps, solar panels, photovoltaic, drivers, chimney systems, CO and CUW underfloor heating

Water Purification

mechanical filters, cold and hot water softeners, iron removers, manganese removers, household osmosis, osmosis industrial, housing, inserts, metering pumps, UV lamps, special filters.

Specialized Products

Professional fountains and floating valves, electromagnetic safety, anti-pollution and regulatory vents, foot valves, rainwater solutions, industrial fittings.

In short:

  • wiring instalation
  • pump
  • sanitary product
  • heating
  • irrigation systems
  • external networks
  • industrial automation
  • fountains
  • sewage treatment plants
  • water treatment
  • renewable energy sources
  • air conditioning and ventilation


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