Turbine sprinklers

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Sprinklers for industry

Sprinklers: Dust Laden Areas


Zoom sprinklers designed for the spraying of flat dusty areas such as mines, shipyards, etc.

All sprinkler moving parts are dust protected sensuring the highest performance in the toughest of environments.

Sprinkler range include:

  • S60-28 °
  • S80-28 °
  • S80 Super-28 °

Sprinklers: Dust Heaps


Zoom sprinklers designed for the irrigation of dust heaps. All sprinkler moving parts are dust protected sensuring the highest performance in the toughest of environments.

Sprinkler range include:

  • S60-43 °
  • S70-43 °
  • S80 Super-43 °

Sprinklers: Corrosive Fluids and Waste

Zoom Sprinklers intended for use with corrosive fluids. Made of special materials with individual aluminum parts subjected to anodic oxidation. All internal mechanical parts are protected from possible chemical aggression. These sprinklers can be used under high pressure or utilising sea water to suppress dust contamination in ports, landfill sites etc. Models S80 and S80 SUPER are used in sugar cane production. * Nozzles made of stainless steel are available on request.

Sprinkler range include:

  • S70 25-CW
  • S70 43-CW
  • S80 CW
  • S80 Super-CW

Turbine sprinklers for agriculture


Zoom sprinklers designed for the agricultural sector. Designed with high-quality materials. In order to achieve maximum efficiency has limited dimensions. All sprinklers S series have a 3 year warranty. Sprinkler JET 100 PLUS A.P. It has a range radius of more than 100 meters!

Sprinkler this group include:

  • S45
  • S60E
  • S60
  • S70
  • S70 SUPER
  • S80
  • S80 Super
  • JET 100 Plus A.P.


Sprinkler Irrigation to the jib (drum)


Zoom sprinklers Turbine self-propelled vehicles.

The trajectory of spraying 25 °.

Advanced system, which even at high speeds does not reduce the range of irrigation (only 100 JET and JET 100 PLUS).

Adjustable rotation speed.

Continuous or intermittent spray.

High performance even on steep terrain.

Resistant to vibration and bumps that cause the movement of the trolley.

Sprinkler this group include:

  • S70 S
  • S80 S
  • JET 100
  • JET 100 PLUS

Turbine sprinklers for control electronics


for Irrigation passable (drum)

Zoom Electromechanical sprinkler series programmable electronic management systems. It is remotely controlled via the multifunction remote control. You can remotely adjust the angle of irrigation to the right and to the left, you can also adjust the speed of rotation, which should not be longer dependent on the operating pressure and can be independent for each direction of rotation. The "Just Angle" can be set to a fixed angle of trajectory, using the remote control. In built wind detecting sensors automatically adjusts the trajectory to match wind speed.


Sprinkler: rotary irrigation


Zoom long-range sprinkler turbine designed to maximize the efficiency of medium power systems. Areas are irrigated by a rotating sprinkler on a wheeled chassis. These sprinklers are designed for the agricultural sector, using high quality materials.

* 2" thread.

* Nozzle 14-26 mm.

* Minimum operating pressure of 0.5 atm.

*Maintenance free.

*No external mechanical parts.

*Able to operate against spoil heaps etc.

*Competitively priced

* High quality.

Sprinkler range include:

  • S60 END GUN (PL)



*With each sprinkler model, we offer dedicated tripods .

*Depending on the size of the sprinkler please select an appropriate section trip and connection type (thread or flange)

 *Fire hoses and connectors also in stock.





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