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From Oktoberfest to the Reinheitsgebot, Germans are extremelyżródło:
serious and passionate about their beer. This dedication to the art of
beer production has made Germany into one of the foremost beer
countries in the world, accounting for around 10% of the world market
volume. There are around 1,200 breweries in Germany, producing 5000
to 6000 types of beer. With a history that dates back at least 2000
years, German beer is some of the oldest and best loved beer in the
world. Eastern European beer also has an excellent tradition, the beers
throughout the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia are all of
high standard.


So besides brewing excellent ales, what do many of these breweries have in common?

Centrifugal or displacement pumps transfering precise amounts of
liquid in an efficient and hygenic manner are essential in modern brewing
techniques. In Germany and Eastern Europe, breweries rely on the huge
reserve of pumps supplied by Odex. Situated in Western Poland
straddling the Czech and German borders, Odex has connections to the leading
stockist of brewery pumps .

Due to our immense buying power and transport
arrangements, we are in a position to offer breweries great deals at extremely
competitive prices, prices unlikely to be bettered
alongside a first class commitment to customer satisfaction.


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